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During this video, we will identify sources of support to deal with issues which are outside of our own expertise or authority.  We have covered some of these areas in previous videos, however, let’s cover them in more depth.   When facilitating coaching sessions you will be faced with issues that are outside your own expertise and authority.

As a coach you should not be concerned about referring your client to other areas for support, remember that you will always have the best interests of this client at heart and that sometimes you simply cannot help. When this happens you will need to refer your clients to the appropriate support areas, these include but are not limited to:

Financial support - Where clients are in financial difficulties such as unmanageable debt or pending bankruptcy, this needs to be handled by a professional. A good source of support is the Citizens Advice Bureau. They will take the time to discuss this debt with the client and suggest appropriate solutions.

Health concern - Often clients have health issues, this may be relating to depression or stress. Where appropriate you will need to signpost them to their local healthcare provider including NHS Direct or their local GP.

Bullying and Harassment - Asking open and leading questions can lead to issues arising with bullying and harassment in the workplace. This is something that a coach should not become involved with and may require referral for investigation. Often the best referral points in this area include the HR department or a senior manager within the organisation who is trusted by the client. If this matter becomes more serious and the client is not happy to raise this issue then it is something that the coach can consider raising on behalf of the client.

Fear of technology or limited knowledge - Technology changes daily and can present challenges to clients. Clients may have issues with the technology and if this is the case you may need to signpost those to relevant support areas such as training programmes or specialist colleagues.

In summary, there will be many areas that are potentially outside of your area of expertise and will require further assistance. Remember as a coach you should not be advising your client but you are able to point them in the right direction for further help.