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During this video, we will explain what constitutes a safe and comfortable environment for a coaching session.   It is extremely important to choose an appropriate environment for the coaching sessions. 

This environment needs to be: 

  • Confidential (so that it cannot be overheard by other parties). The coaching sessions need to be private and free from distraction. The best venue is a meeting room away from the distractions of the working environment. It may be worth putting a ‘do not disturb sign on the door’ to ensure that you aren’t interrupted during the session. A canteen is not appropriate as this does not support the goal of confidentiality and this is often interrupted by others.
  • Accessible - The venue must be accessible for both parties, always make sure as the coach you arrive early (at least 15 minutes) so that you can be set up and be ready when the client arrives.
  • Safe and supportive - Consider aspects such as health and safety, the venue needs to be safe for them and you! In addition, the room must be of an adequate size but not too big. Often if the venue is too large it will cause the client to become tense and the session will not be effective.

The environment needs to be clean and tidy with enough space to perform any activities that you may decide to incorporate into the sessions. The temperature needs to be comfortable, the seating needs to be appropriate and there should be tea and coffee facilities available. The environment should be one that promotes comfort and one which enables the learner to feel at ease.

Clients need to know they will be safe when they are with you, and that they won’t be faced with any danger. For example, equipment and resources should not cause harm, furniture needs to be properly arranged heating, lighting and ventilation should be adequate. Safe also relates the client feeling safe to express their opinions without the risk of repercussion.

Coaching by its very definition is about taking clients on a journey that they are unable to take themselves. To do this questions need to be asked to get the client to really consider a situation or path that they may wish to take. This can often be emotional and slightly uncomfortable for the client. It is your responsibility control this situation so that they are safe and as comfortable as they can be throughout the process.